KåSTRY fest 2023
Arts & electronic music festival

4-7 of August 2023
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
About us
Our festival is into creative self-expression, opportunities for artists and musicians, beauty and love. We are ecological, technological, modern and bright .

Our purpose is to creat unforgetable forest event and contribute to the development of Russian festival culture and electronic music.
How it was
  • Participants
  • Figures
    - 4000 guests
    - Social media audience > 15.000 accunts
    - Marketing audience > 2.000.000 accounts
  • Legality
    Festival was agreed upon with local authorities.
  • Infrastructure
    - Cafes and bars
    - Market
    - Saunas/showers and WC
    - Landscaping
    - Security and medical service
    - Installations and decorations
Kåstry fest 2023
Expected amount of guests - 5.000. Location area 25 hectares
Expected marketing audience - more than 2.000.000 accounts
- 5 musical stages where are about 200 musicians to play
- Art cluster with gallery, perfomances и theatre stage!
- Healling practices and lectorium
- Market, foodcourt, infrastructure
To Partners
We invite brands to participate in the development of the festival.
and present 3 partner kits:
Online kit
— Placement in the partners section of the website
— Placement your logo in aftermovie, online and offline posters
— Placement your logo in all our media (vk, tg, youtube, soundcloud, inst)
Two integration of your brand into posts + one raffle gifts
— Your own location on festival
— Access to offline ad integration with guests for 4 days
— Point on the map festival (online + offline + tg bot)
— Post describing your location in our media
— Facilities for your location (water, electricity, support)
art kit
— Decorators and artists of festival create art installation with your brand
— Concept, production and assembly by team of festival
— Viral effect
— Reusable unique art with your barnd
Special for Elfbar
Our decor team create huge 2 meters long fake bars with different colors (tastes) who smokes non-stop with usnig hazers and liquid smoke. And we place it in different places of festival. We can create 4-5 huge bars in budget of 16.000$
It will be viral, impressive and reusable art install.

email: kastry.fest@gmail.com